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3D Program - Dollars Designated for Dignity

Dear Friend,

I am diverting from my normal messaging this month to share an on-going need at Life Rebuilders that I truly need your prayers for assistance with.

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors for their continued support of this Program

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It involves the in-take process for the residents who God sends our way. Our new residents upon arrival are given a Welcome Bag consisting of basic supplies that helps them transition from their homeless circumstances to our safe facility with Dignity. In each Welcome Bag, we provide basic supplies that you and I take for granted. It includes such items as bedding, pillow, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, razors, shaving cream, combs, soap, shampoo, washcloth and towel. These items are necessities for our residents to start their “new lives” with dignity and often with simple joy. We know from experience that it’s the small things that set the stage for their spiritual healing.

Addressing immediate physical needs of those in our path is critical for them so that they are able to hear the Gospel. Jesus gave us many examples of this throughout His Ministry;

In Mark 4: 37-41, Jesus was in a boat with His disciples during a massive storm. He sensed their fear of physical harm and immediately rebuked and calmed the storm. Only after providing for their physical needs did He begin talking with them knowing that they would now pay full attention to something more important – their spiritual growth!

Minimizing the indignity of homelessness with dignity of basic necessitates opens hearts and minds to hearing the Gospel. It also shows our love for the person no matter what the issues are. We estimate that we admit over 300 residents a year. Providing the aforementioned supplies is a financial strain for us because we have to divert funds from our all-important programming….

We have formalized this funding opportunity and campaign by giving it a name: DOLLARS FOR DIGNITY

Would you please prayerfully consider a cash gift, or maybe purchase a gift card the next time you are at the store and mailing it to us? If you are compelled to donate to this specific need, simply write 3-D Program in the memo section of your check. Payments can also be made through our website at - please give as you are able knowing that any amount is a blessing to us.

Also, please consider these additional ways to contribute: informing us of contacts you may have at retail or wholesale outlets who would be sympathetic to our cause and would gladly donate supplies. Or, consider a small group project that reaches out to friends to donate money, gift cards or unused supplies.

Please continue your prayers for Life Rebuilders residents and staff as we go about building His Kingdom one soul at a time through a Christ-centered program, which is the only type of program that cleanses the body, clears the mind, changes the heart and saves the soul.

Thank you for your faithful support! May the Lord continue to bless you!

In His Service,

Gary Parker