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My name is Phillip T …
Phillip“I was saved and asked Jesus into my heart when I was 14 years old. Even though I chose to go the opposite way of His path, He never left me. Through my own decisions and my addictions, I have been to many places I did not want to go, prison three times, six treatment centers and I just finished a 3-year prison sentence. I felt helpless! My addiction caused me terrible pain even when I was locked up. I was constantly in trouble and ended up isolated from the rest of the population and placed in segregation.

That is when I cried out to Jesus in complete desperation! My spirit was totally broken. From that day on God started working in my life. When I got back to general population, I got into treatment by a complete act of God. I started going to church, praying and reading my bible. My head was clear because I wasn’t using anymore, so I could hear God’s whispers to help me make the right choices to carry out His will for my life. By the Grace of God my life has been completely changed today!

The Lord opened the doors to get me into Midwest Challenge/Life Rebuilders.

I enrolled in college full time. I eventually joined the Carpenters Union and have a great job!

Jesus has given me the strength to overcome my past and I can help others do the same. He is transforming me as I walk with Him daily. My sister, who has been separated from me since I was 5 years old, is now in contact with me, by Him answering prayers. The Lord is restoring my life today.

Today I have Hope and a future as long as I keep Jesus first. I have Faith and I know that I can do ALL things through Christ! I am so grateful for Jesus Christ - He saved my life!” - Phil

Phil successfully graduated the program a few years ago. He was employed at Life Rebuilders for a short while! He eventually moved on to a new job, got married, bought a new house. He and his wife had a baby boy this year! We are blessed that he remains an ACTIVE Alumni & Volunteer.

Giving Thanks – Dale P
DaleAs I was growing up, I lived in a decent home. When I became a teenager I started to go on my own path and do what I wanted to do: Drugs & Alcohol. I started losing my families trust, one at a time. I didn’t care about things any more, just doing more drugs and alcohol. I was in and out of jail. I stayed on this Path for the next 13 years! Not only did I lose some nice jobs, I lost my mother’s love & trust and lost touch with my one year old daughter. I had lost my relationship with my girlfriend, who was always there for me, as well as two close friends who were trying to get me help.

I was homeless, sleeping in the woods and staying at a crack house…I had decided my life was over…
A friend had taken me in for a few days so I could figure out something for myself. This is when I decided it was time to end my life. I think God had something else in mind, because the police intervened and took the gun. I ended up in jail. I sat in my jail cell and had a long talk with myself. Keep going down this same path and end up dead or in prison for the rest of my life, or get some serious help. God was listening!

The next day, I met someone from Teen Challenge, so I set my new path in that direction. I was at Teen Challenge for 17 months. I learned about God. I was working on myself and getting my new life in order. I started working on things that I had lost in the past. I needed a place to go after I graduated the program. I found LIFE REBUILDERS in a list of Sober Faith Based Transitional Houses.

During my stay at Life Rebuilders, I went back to school, graduated and found a job! I volunteered in the community, attended their bible studies. I helped out with the outreach program started at a small church. I got back my driver’s license, after losing the privilege to drive for 10 years. I had been writing to my daughter over the months, and was able to see her for the first time in 10 years! I reunited with my mother. I found my sister that I hadn’t seen for 34 years!

I graduated the Life Rebuilders Redemption Program and moved into their Self Pay Sober Living House. I became a manager of the house. I eventually reunited with my girlfriend and moved into my own apartment.

Since leaving Life Rebuilders, life has been great! I have a good relationship with my daughter, seeing her often. I see my sisters and talk to my mom on a regular basis. I jog a lot, an activity I started while in treatment. I have been involved in 15+ races. I wrote letters to some old friends, apologizing for what I’ve done in the past. My girlfriend* can’t believe I am the same person! I volunteer at the Food Shelf and try to give back whenever possible! I stay in close contact with Teen Challenge and Life Rebuilders and get involved with their events.

God has been Great to me…it wasn’t easy to change my life around, but now that it has been changed, it is easy to stay on this awesome new path!” – Dale

Note from Life Rebuilders: Dale is now married* & bought a house! He is our “go-to” guy for Van Repairs and Misc. Maintenance Projects. We are truly blessed that he remains an active alumni/volunteer in our program!


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