Turning Houses into Homes

Dear Friend,


As you are aware, we have 14 houses that aid our efforts in ministering to the 110 souls who live with is any given time. Some of these houses are quite old and in need of repair and upgrading. Consequently, we have been praying that we would be blessed with the financial capability to take care of most, if not all, of these needs.

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors for their continued support of this Program

There are obvious reasons as to why we would want to make repairs and upgrades where needed, but, an important and subtle reason for improving our houses is psychological. You see, those in post-prison and or sober living phases are exposed to an extremely tough transition. Their continued recovery gets even more challenging when their living conditions are less than “homey” feeling. We all know that a pleasant environment can and does lift the spirit.

Being aware of this distinction, we are making every effort to create an environment that focuses on the physical well-being as well as the spiritual aspect of each resident entrusted to us by God. We call this, “TURNING HOUSES INTO HOMES.”

We began turning some of our older houses into much more desirable places to live this summer. The projects varied from repairing sidewalks, acquiring new furniture, and refrigerators to painting exteriors.

John a Redemption house resident says of the improvements, “it is truly a blessing to be living in a place that feels comfortable and “homey”. We all are making these changes in a positive way and are taking a lot of pride in the homes that we live in. A big thank you to all the donors who are making our recovery easier!”

But, as you might imagine with costs overruns and the occasional surprise, we find ourselves with not enough funds to finish the projects by winter without taking money away from our valuable programming.

So, we are asking for your financial support and fervent prayer in order to raise the funds associated with this necessary undertaking. Would you please consider a financial gift this month? Please give as you are able and remember no gift is too large or too small.

The residents and staff thank you for your faithful support of Life Rebuilders. Without you, we simply do not exist! Additionally, we thank you in advance for your consideration in helping us out this month as we move toward “TURNING HOUSES INTO HOMES.”