Kelli Etten-Beyer

Life Rebuilders held a very special place in the heart of Kelli Etten-Beyer.  Fourteen years ago Kelli was a single mom who stepped in and stepped up to help countless men and their families through difficult transitional times.

She touched so many as she planned and attended residents’ birthday parties, worked on special events, updated our website along with countless other projects.  During all of this, she never backed down or accepted things as they were for our men. In her world – things had to be better for them and because of her, things did get better for them! 

Life Rebuilders will be dedicating their Ladies’ house “Kelli’s Haven” in loving memory and honor of Kelli who passed away at the start of the pandemic. 

If you would like to honor Kelli’s legacy, please feel free to make a heartfelt donation to the Kelli’s Haven Project.

Let’s help her legacy live on!