Our Leadership

Knowing Love and Sharing It

Life Rebuilders Staff

Pastor Gary Parker – President/CEO
Email: garyp@lrbmn.org
Phone: (763) 772-7285

Keely Perry – Vice President of Operations/Director of Admissions & Administration
Email: keelyp@lrbmn.org
Phone: (612) 825-6871 (Press 7)

Pastor Ken Owen – Vice President of Ministry / Director of Transitional Housing
Email: keno@lrbmn.org
Phone: (763) 442-5762

Pastor Dave Phillips – Program Director Transitional Housing
Email: davep@lrbmn.org
Phone: (612) 298-6018

Pastor T. Earl Conley – Program Director Work Release Program
Email: earlc@lrbmn.org
Phone: (763) 587-3464

Jeff Lundquist – Work Release Program Manager
Email: jeffl@lrbmn.org
Phone: (612) 825.6871

Antonio Jefferson – Work Release Shift Supervisor
Email: antonio@lrbmn.org

Lonnie V. – Work Release Shift Supervisor
Email: lonnie@lrbmn.org

Ronald Steele – Work Release Shift Supervisor
Email: ron@lrbmn.org

Bryan Winslow – Food Service / Hospitality Manager
Email: bryan@lrbmn.org

Gary Gombus – Transportation Supervisor
Email: gary@lrbmn.org

Chris Ditty – Facilities Supervisor
Email: chris@lrbmn.org

Board Members

Chairman: Joe Blee
Senior Vice President of Christensen Group Insurance

Secretary: Dr. Gary Hemphill
Self-employed Consultant
Forensic Toxicology

Vice-Chairman: Eric Gustafson
EJG Ventures, LLC

Treasurer: Mike Haag
Haag Law Offices, P.A

John C. DeJong
Wells Fargo Insurance

Pastor Paul Marzahn
Senior Pastor
CrossRoads Church

Scott Rajavuori
Titus Contracting, LLC

Paul Tesarek
Banking/Real Estate

Ex Officio: Gary Parker
President & CEO
Midwest Challenge, Inc.

Erik Winegarden

Roger Arnold
Finance (retired)

Mike Pappas (Retired)

The Advisory Commitee

Al Newman
Minnesota Twin Legend

Jeff Etten
Finance (retired)

Rob Rolschau

Larry Lotzer
Retired Richfield Police Officer

Sharon Schlue
Licensed Professional Counselor

Pastor Kristi Graner
Dare To Believe Ministries

Mike Swecker
Pastor Prayer and Freedom
Hosanna! Church

Dean Milner
Minneapolis Police Officer