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Life ReBuilders offers 14 Properties: Turning “Houses into Homes”

Our Facilities are located in Hennepin (10 locations) and Dakota Counties (4 Locations).Click here to change this text

The Redemption House:

Transitional Housing

Designed to serve men who desire to break free from the shackles of addiction and the “free-fall” associated with drug and alcohol abuse and other life-controlling issues. This transformational ministry addresses the issues that lie below the surface of each resident, thus, exposing the cause(s) of the resident’s problem(s) and allowing for complete healing.


We provide comprehensive life-skills coaching, support, and supervision while providing a balanced mix of structure and freedom for our residents to mold a new life and become productive members of our community.


Although this is transitional housing and is structured to be short-term housing, the resident is welcome to stay as long as needed. The goal is to have the resident ready to live independently as a changed and redeemed man. For More information regarding Transitional Housing, please email:

Hennepin County, Contact Ken Owen, Program Director:

Phone: (763) 442-5762

Dakota County, Contact Dave Phillips, Program Director:

Phone: (612) 298-6018

Dignity Village:

Adult Foster Care

Designed for women and men who are in need of long-term housing because of their inability to live independently, whether that be of a personal nature or because of circumstances beyond their control.

We partner with Hennepin county in identifying and serving people who need our services.

We provide supervision, structure, life-skills coaching, direction, and support. We operate multiple houses that are drug and alcohol-free.

Because of its long-term nature and the care we provide, we refer to these houses as “homes.” Our goal is to create an atmosphere where our residents can live and work with purpose and with dignity. For More information on Adult Foster Care, please contact:

Keely Perry:

Phone: (612) 825-6871

The Genesis House:

Work Release

Designed to reduce the recidivism rate of incarcerated men by offering our residents an in-depth program of structure, support, training, and mentoring within a drug and alcohol-free environment. Its transformational focus is on breaking the cycle of addiction, crime, unemployment, and family dysfunction as well as other life-controlling issues. We partner with the Minnesota Department of Corrections by assisting these residents in achieving self-sufficiency through the learning and application of the life-skills needed to avoid returning to prison. Thus, they become productive citizens of our community as changed and redeemed men.

Men who are currently incarcerated should contact their Case Worker about the option for enrollment at Life Rebuilders for Work Release

The Isaiah House:

Self – Pay Independent Sober-Living

Designed as a venue for Discipleship for our graduates as well as graduates of other peer programs.

The men who avail themselves of this ministry have a desire to serve in a discipleship capacity by interacting with the residents of other Life Rebuilders’ Ministries.

These qualified and redeemed men are given the opportunity to remain involved as leaders, role models, and mentors.

A proven and powerful methodology that shows others who are suffering that they too can be restored, redeemed, and have hope for a brighter day.

The facility is a member of M.A.S.H. (Minnesota Association of Sober Homes)

For More information on Independent Sober-Living, please email

Professional Services Network

We recognize that it’s nearly impossible and certainly not very cost-effective for any one agency to provide all the services needed for those who are trying to break free from the bonds of addiction or dealing with post-prison challenges or struggling with homelessness.


Even though it’s Life Rebuilders’ primary purpose to provide transitional housing for those persons mentioned above, we feel compelled to make sure our residents have the opportunity to have available all the professional services needed to become and REMAIN productive citizens of our community.


Consequently, we “share” the resident’s healing process with some highly credible Twin Cities’ treatment & counseling agencies who have the ability and expertise to offer professional programming. The valuable and necessary services they provide include, but are not limited to, such things as out-patient services, counseling, and licensed psycho-therapy.


Because of our association with our peer partners, we do not have to duplicate these highly specialized services. Thus, we are able to operate in an efficient and cost-effective manner by focusing our financial, spiritual, and physical resources on our 4 Ministries with 1 Mission.