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Professional Services Network

We recognize that it’s nearly impossible and certainly not very cost effective for any one agency to provide all the services needed for those who are trying to break free from the bonds of addiction or dealing with post-prison challenges or struggling with homelessness.

Even though it’s Life Rebuilders’ primary purpose to provide transitional housing for those persons mentioned above, we feel compelled to make sure our residents have the opportunity to have available all the professional services needed to become and REMAIN productive citizens of our community.

Consequently, we “share” the resident’s healing process with some highly credible Twin Cities’ treatment agencies who have the ability and expertise to offer professional programming. The valuable and necessary services they provide include, but are not limited to, such things as out-patient services, counseling and licensed psycho-therapy.

A partial list of our peer partners include Park Avenue Treatment Center, Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, Micah House and RS Eden.

Because of our association with our peer partners, we do not have to duplicate these highly specialized services. Thus, we are able to operate in an efficient and cost effective manner by focusing our financial, spiritual, and physical resources on our 4 Ministries with 1 Mission.