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Life Coach/Mentoring

The MWC Life Coach/Mentor program is focused on working through major life issues one on one, or in Group Settings with residents, in a structured format. Our coaches are trained on specific skills including focused questioning, listening, problem solving, and facilitation. That enables our residents to learn to work through major issues, with the aid and support of a Life Coach/Mentor. The program is not designed to provide advice to residents on specifically what they need to do to solve issues. Instead, the focus is on helping them get to the proper answer to their life questions through the facilitation provided by their Coach/Mentor.

Mentoring: Discussions on Finance, Job Searching, Resume's, Family, Housing…

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Small Group Idea's

Cook, Clean-up and Company for the Residents Yardwork Room Updates – Cleaning Plus Bible Studies Painting Drivers Needed Volunteering in the community Residents Needs (Bedding, Personal Hygiene, Kitchen, Food Drives, Etc.)

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